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WordPress SEO – Guide To Increase Rankings & Traffic

By Farzad Taghavi | Follow Him on Twitter Here

WordPress SEOWordPress SEO isn’t that hard at all. In order to have an successful blog that actually get’s found online you do need to work on your site and try to SEO optimize it.

There is no exact formula of getting ranked but there are ways to make sure the search engines find your site.

In this post i’ll explain what I consider to be the best way of maximizing your time and money so you can get in the top of the search engines.

If you do not have a WordPress blog already set up I recommend you to head over to my getting started online post where I explain how you can get started in just a couple of minutes.

The Three Main Traffic Sources

So, you have your WordPress blog ready and want to start driving traffic. First you need to understand that there are three main traffic sources available to receive traffic to your blog. The three main sources are; paid, organic and social media traffic.

Having a budget is really a plus when you want to get traffic immediately in front of an offer. This also comes in handy when you want to test squeeze and sales pages. I wont get into paid traffic sources as it needs it’s own post.

In this post we will be concentrating on SEO optimizing your WordPress blog so you can receive organic and social media traffic. In my getting started post I explain the benefits of having WordPress as your blog platform.

I always recommend to use the self hosted version of WordPress because this removes all the limitations you have with the free version.

In a nutshell WordPress makes everything very easy for you. WordPress itself is free to download. Your only expense is the hosting that is needed to host the blog.

Now that you have your WordPress blog and hosting set up you need a theme for your blog. WordPress has a lot of free themes. I would stay away from free themes because if you take your business serious you want to pay money for a good design. After all it’s all about being unique and standing out of the crowd.

Another reason to stay away from free themes is because they are not all SEO friendly. This site is running on the Thesis theme which has a couple of benefits.

  • SEO & Coding: A lot of free themes are not SEO friendly and can even damage your rankings in the search engines. One of the main reasons is because of bad coding. On top of that not all free themes have SEO options. Thesis really does an excellent job in minimizing the html and xhtml markup errors. On top of that Thesis was built with SEO in mind.
  • Customization: Thesis makes it easy for you to customize your theme. They have a great support theme and forum where every question gets answered.
  • Page Load Time: This simply means the time it takes for a specific page of your blog to load. Thesis makes sure your WordPress blog runs super fast.

These are just a couple of points I liked to mention and why I highly recommend the Thesis theme. Click HERE to get your own copy of the Thesis theme.

A very important factor of getting high rankings is by doing some proper keyword research. The tool I use for this is called Market Samurai. I will not go into much detail on how to use this program because they have a awesome dojo of free video tutorials that take you step-by-step and explain the simple process of finding valuable and profitable keywords. Of course, there is always the option for one on one training. If you find that necessary please contact me.

With Market Samurai you can discover exactly how to beat the competition. Let me give you an example. Once you have completed your keyword research it is important to have your keywords placed into your posts.

If you do not have the writing skills to get the job done I highly recommend you to use sites like www.getafreelancer.com or www.odesk.com to find yourself a writer who is a expert in your field or niche. This part is going to involve you spending some money but it will be worth it. Don’t go and try to find the cheapest writer out there. A well written article on any given topic by an expert should cost you at least 30-170$. You could go with articles with 400-500 words for 2$ a piece but that is not what I recommend. It will become clear why you really should consider high quality content above high quantity content.

It is not a rule or a given fact that a Blog with hundreds of posts should rank higher than a Blog with just 10-20 posts. If you have a Blog with high quality content and a solid network of high quality backlinks will generally be enough to put you in the top 10 of Google.

As you go and build your site you will realize that by outsourcing your content you will have more time to invest in the important part of wordpress seo and that is building high quality backlinks to your Blog.

Without it you would be lost in a web of millions of competing sites. So, you might be asking. What does it take to get there? To let you in on a secret. It is a very simple formula and I am going to share it with you right now.

HQC + HQBL = High Rankings

  1. High Quality Content
  2. High Quality Back Links

Jupp, that’s all folks. You really should be concentrating on those two factors when your doing wordpress seo. Ever heard of the phrase: Content is king? I bet you have. Many bloggers do not even realize that by just having High Quality Content it could get them pretty close to their goal. Thus, not even having them to worry about High Quality Back Links.

“Become the expert in your field and only produce high quality content’’

It is the best tip I can give you. Imagine having other Blog owners naturally linking to your Blog because of the high quality your sharing. This is achievable! Instead of posting 1000 of pages of content on your Blog, consider having 10-20 high quality posts. Try to produce posts of 1500-2000 words.

You might be thinking: “He’s gone crazy!!” but let me give you a good example of what I mean. Click on the link and take a good look at the article on www.yoast.com. It is 3,988 words long and it is ranking at the #1 position for the keyword WordPress SEO with 44,200,000 other competing websites.


So as you see, you should take this seriously when I say that it is total nonsense of having short posts on your Blog. Think about it for a moment. You want to have your Blog ranking high in Google and have it standing out as a authority in your niche. You will achieve this by having high quality content. A long post like that can have great benefits for the owner. He can rank for a lot of keywords and give other bloggers a reason to link to his site.

You want to get backlinks from sites that are relevant to your blog. A website with a Pagerank zero could easily dominate the #1 spot on Google by having high quality content and high quality backlinks. So what you do next is look at your competitors that currently are taking hold of the #1, #2 and #3 positions on Google. What you want to do is find out what kind of backlinks they have linking back to their site. You can use paid services like www.MajesticSeo.com or www.ahrefs.com.

WordPress SEO Tips & Tricks

There are many elements that have a huge impact on the growth and spread of links to your site. Link building is one of the most crucial parts of achieving high Google rankings for your blog. here are some very important points to remember:

“Simply offer the webmasters something that they can’t say no to.”

  • Be interesting enough to have other webmasters willing to link to you site. The best way is by having outstanding high quality content. Give viewers the feeling that you really know your niche inside and out.
  • A very simple way is just by offering the webmaster something that they can’t say no to.
  • Offer them incentives: front page on a social network, an article or money, etc.
  • If you have the budget you should get yourself on Yahoo Directory and BOTW (best of the web) in appropriate sections.
  • Try to find other sites with content related topics and go for a link trade. Not all webmaster are wanting to link to your site. And to be honest it’s pretty logical, who would want to link to a lower ranking website which has nothing to offer. Try to analyze their site first before you contact the webmaster. One sneaky way of getting your link placed on another related site is by doing the 404 error trick. To break it down for you it means that you try to find a broken link on their website. There is a easy tool which you can use to find broken links and it is free to download, free Link-checker. The 404 technique: find a 404 page with SEOMOZ tool, Link Sleuth and then contact them stating they have an error page. Once they reply back offer them an article on the same topic on that page or mention that you have xx years experience in a field and if they would be interested in professional article.
  • When sending an email don’t ask for the link. Tell them you are new to online blogs but have x number of years of experience in the field and if they would be interested in an article from you. When sending the article include your link and everyone leaves it as it is.
  • Get your content out there. Use authoritative sites like Digg.com, Delicious.com Twitter.com etc to spread your content. This will give others the opportunity to read your content and to link back to your site. Nothing it is better than having your link placed on other sites for free. Remember content is king so make sure that whatever you give to the world should be high quality content.
  • Try to comment on relevant sites. If you have a WordPress blog on a self hosted domain, you may want to download this free plugin. It’s called CommentLuv and what this cool plugin does is, it shows your viewers the last blog post of the person who commented on your blog. This will give other bloggers a reason to comment on your content by having their own content shown on your blog. It also passes on some link juice. The reason for this is when you comment on other high ranking blogs your link will get placed on their site. This is a great way to build backlinks to your site. It will be not that effective if your target low ranking blogs with a pagerank of 0.
  • Another effective way of getting high quality backlinks is by doing press releases. I highly recommend PRweb.com, once again content is king. Make your content of such a high quality and you will see it go viral on the web and get a lot of links coming your way.
  • Try to find the real authoritative sites to do your commenting. One tool that I recommend for doing this is called Scrapebox. This tool allows you to scrape high ranking blogs within your keywords and comment on them to build your links. This tool should be used responsibly and it not made for spamming purposes. There is also a free way to do this but it acquires a lot more of time and work to find the best ranking blogs that will benefit your site. Go to http://blogsearch.google.com and type in your keyword.

These are the core elements which you should be concentrating on for your Blog. Getting high rankings on Google should not be seen as a impossible task. Follow these steps and I am sure that you will get the results that you need.

I hope this post gave you a better understanding on how to use wordpress seo and get yourself better results on Google. Leave me a comment anytime and I will be glad to answer your questions. On the other hand, I would like to get some input from you. Let me know if this post was the solution to your problem. Or even better add your knowledge and experience to this post, to make it stronger and better. This way everyone will benefit.